Pod Africa is here to help you discover new and exciting audio content from, and about the African continent by letting you listen to African podcasts for free and on demand. Podcast shows on the website are hand selected by dedicated individuals striving to find and present the best African audio content to all of you out there.

There are so many amazing African podcasts out there but most of them are never discovered, because they do not have the right platform to showcase themselves to a wide audience. At Pod Africa we are committed to solving this problem by putting African audio content at the front and center, and sharing it with millions of listeners across the globe.

Get your podcast on the website

As a podcaster you can submit your podcast for free. All you have to do is send us an email and provide details about your podcast; like website, RSS feed and social media. After we’ve verified it, we’ll have it up and running within 48 hours. *Please note that your podcast must have an RSS feed in order for us to get it onto the website.


Please note that Pod Africa only shows information that is available on public RSS feeds and therefore content that is visible and playable on every podcast platform. Audio is served directly from publisher’s servers using a cross-domain audio tag. If you believe that Pod Africa is displaying a private/premium feed, please let us know and we will remove it.

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